Alexander K. Frauchi was born on January, 4, 1954, in an age-old town of Rostov-Yaroslavski into a family of a musician. Nowadays he has the title of the freeman in this town.

His father was a violinist, a pupil of Elizaveta Fabianovna Gnesina, graduated from the Gnesins’ State Musical Pedagogical Institute (now Russian Gnesins’ Academy of Music) and later became one of the most prominent professors there.

Frauchi made his first steps in this walk of life under his father’s guidance. Further on he obtained professional skills from the famous guitarist A.M. Ivanov-Kramskoy and his daughter N.A. Ivanova – Kramskaya at the Moscow Conservatory High Music School. Frauchi went on with his education at the Musorgsky Conservatory in Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) in the class of professor V.M. Derun. At that very moment there were no guitar classes in Moscow and Leningrad ( St. Petersburg) colleges. The opening of the guitar class at the Gnesins’ Institute in 1980 is connected with his name. Since then he trained more than 100 prize-winners of Russian and International competitions. In 1979 A.K. Frauchi became the winner of the Russian folk music competition in the city of Leningrad, and in 1986 he got the 1st Prize, the Special Prize for best interpretation and Radio-France Special Prize at the third Leo Brouwer International Guitar Competition in Havana.

In 2004 Frauchi got the Award of the Defender of Fatherland, the first degree, in the sphere of culture and art.

His creative life, full of tours around this country, TV broadcasts, radio programs and teaching work included also concerts in Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy ( where A. Frauchi got the freedom of the town of Katanzaro), England, France, Greece, Cyprus, the USA, Belgium, Switzerland, where he played solo with orchestras. He also participated in the work of the jury of Russian and International competitions and festivals, held master classes.

A.K. Frauchi expanded his solo repertoire with plays for a duet with a harpsichord and a piano. His constant partner was M. Latinskaya. His name was included in the Big Soviet Encyclopedia. He helped open guitar classes in music colleges in cities like Vilnius, Nijni Novgorod, Saratov, Kharkov, Minsk, Rostov-on-Don, Kaliningrad. In 1993 A. Frauchi opened a class and founded a chair at the Mimonid State Classical Academy in Moscow, at the Gnesins’ 10 – year school , in Sudan, where his pupils teach nowadays.

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